Design Making

Facilitating innovation through making.

Engaging in regular, hands on creative practice has been proven to inspire innovative thinking. Through regular workshops and events, Design Making brings people together by getting them off their devices and solving unique problems in new and creative ways.

Design Making is a mindset. There are countless studies out there that have proven that regular creative exercises fosters innovative thinking.

I had a co-worker that had started these regular creative exercise workshop that occurred every other week. I joined in. I needed to get back to that regular hands on making practice as a way to nurture my creative soul. I quickly realized I wasn’t the only one and that is when Design Making was born.

Away from the computers, tablets and cell phones, it was just us, a pile of materials and an assignment. This was over three years ago. Since then, we have evolved.

We now have an actual director leading the program. We’ve had Silk screening workshops at studios local to our offices around the country. We’ve had Lego builds to celebrate Lego’s birthday. Ceramics! From Wheel throwing in San Francisco to hand building in Chicago. We’ve brewed beer! And we’re looking to dive into coffee roasting. Flame working, concrete mold making, Arduino board building and stained glass, we do it all. And we’re just scratching the surface. We currently have a monthly exercise at WUT. We’re building out a maker space at the 1717 Innovation Lab in downtown Richmond. We’re growing, budgeting and planning so that all locations can lead and coordinate programs.

Although it’s still side of desk for Bonnie and I as well as our Design Making ambassadors across One Design, we have the support of leadership to build a program that aims to inspire our designers, bring teams together and facilitate innovative thinking.

Design Making not only provides learning opportunities,  it provides development opportunities for you to lead a workshop, teach a seminar, organize an event, or just get up and share a bit of yourself.