First Time User Experience. The ProblemWe needed a way to introduce our users to the new app. We have three items that users would need to take action on during that intro experience, select login method, accept notifications and set up a security picture. We also had to take them into another flow to complete the task and then return back to the FTUX screen. It was an opportunity to

Expanded Account Details

The ProblemCustomers were contacting the call centers asking about their APR, annual fees and cash advance balances, just to name a few. These were the details that were only found on the monthly statement. We needed to get those details into the EASE mobile app experience. Action TakenFor Android, we had an account details section that would expand when the user tapped the hero number. Currently, there was very little

Android Bootcamp

The ProblemFor four years the account servicing app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android was designed by a team of approximately 20 people. During that time, we won two consecutive J.D. Power awards along with many other design and technical awards. However, in the early months of 2018, the flagship team for EASE Mobile, along with 400+ other designers within One Design, were reorganized. As a result, hundreds of

Sketch UI Library

The ProblemDue to a department reorg, we had a plethora of designers that would begin designing for native. Most of these designers had little experience designing for native, especially Android. Action TakenWorking very quickly, I built out the EASE Android Sketch UI Library. I took the approach to provide as much of the UI components as possible, making each component editable to accommodate the variations between the four lines of

2018 Android Summit App

DevelopmentJoni Pepin & Team User ExperienceKim Spencer The ProblemCreate an app to support attendees of the Android Summit Provide venue information Highlight tracks Schedule overviews Speaker and session details Twitter feed Action TakenI jumped into Material Design 2.0 and starting building. I tested out a few new features, theming my designs in Sketch. I wasn’t crazy about the color palette but I had to make it work.