2016 Android Summit Hackathon

Purankar Supriya, Asit Tiwary, Mary Grimes

Concept, Strategy, Branding & User Experience
Kim Spencer

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The problem:  Create an app that will help those hit hardest by the last recession.
Our solution: Buoy, Stay Afloat.

  • Our focus was on educating those living paycheck to paycheck
  • The app consists of three sections:
    • Messages – keeps the user aware of their bill status and provides encouragement, advice, warnings as applicable
    • Bill Dues – Organizes bills by their status, advising which bills can go beyond their due date and which ones cannot.
    • Balances – This section organizes the bills by the order of importance. For example, rent or mortgage should be at the top of the list. It is meant to guide the user on determining priorities.