Accounts at a Glance

Capital One, Card / Enterprise

Team Alcatraz
San Francisco, CA

User Experience
Kim Spencer

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Accounts at a Glance is a opt-in service provided to customers on Android. The feature appears over top of the log in screen in a pre-authenticated state. The user can immediately see balances, due dates and reward information. To view more, they are then taken to their login and deep linked to that specific information within the app.

The unauthenticated view was a concept introduced by the business side based on features being implemented by Citibank, Chase and USAA. After numerous rounds with legal, we were given the go ahead to move forward with a proof of concept. Over the next year, we designed several experiences that we then prototyped and took to user research. Based on user feedback, we streamlines one flow, worked with an API team to establish the back end framework needed to bring this to fruition.

My Product Manager, was able to negotiate with a Card team, to develop this initial version for single credit card holders. Based on feedback and data, we would then launch it to all customers on the platform.