Serenity Now


We all have those horror stories, the crazy boss that doesn’t take their medication, the co-worker that would stab you in the back at any opportunity, and the guy that can’t keep his fingers out of his nose. Then there’s the politics, the egos and the know-it-all’s. I went from one dysfunctional environment to the […]


First International Skull Appreciation Day Invitational Exhibition


A few months ago I was asked to participate in the First International Skull Appreciation Day Invitational Exhibition. I was flattered to be asked and very excited. After an extended period of careful thought and research, I finally settled on a concept, the duality of man. Yes, it is a line from Stanley Kubrick’s, A […]

Avoiding the PDF


I have to extend a by thanks to David McIntosh, AIGA Richmond and all of the designers who came out this morning to listen to my ramblings. As it turns out, my crock pot roast wasn’t ready until 9pm. However, it was very good. For those of you who attended, here is my revised version. […]



Over the course of the years, opinions change and evolve, interests and inspiration ebbs and flows. As focuses shift and life takes on it’s many twists and turns, I find myself in an awkward place. In my younger days, my creative outlets had purpose. They came from a clearly identified source. After three college degrees […]

The Teen Angst


(Daily Press: April 27, 1992: Published correction ran Tuesday, April 28, 1992. The Teen Angst column in Monday’s LifeStyles section was incorrectly labeled an In Your Face column.) Today’s society as a whole has draped a cloth over our heads, in order to keep us from seeing things for what they truly are. Society hopes […]