Leadership is not about having power.
It’s about having a positive influence on the lives of others, and we all have the potential to do that.
~ Susan Davis-Ali

This is the breath of fresh air that I have been needing without knowing I needed it.

The way it works, you have to be nominated by someone who went through the program. I’m am part of Cohort #3. We had our deep dive in person on April 26th. Chicago, San Francisco, Plano, New York, DC and Richmond, a room crowded with women all seeking answers.

I learned about gender differences, women in technology, that work/life balance is bullshit and there’s a better way.

I’m in love with time boxing.

I’ve also started reading How Women Rise. An amazing read. It gathers up all these little things you do that collectively sabotage your growth. I, of course, do all 12 of those little habits. I don’t half ass.

More to come.

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