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Let’s Make a Giant Book!


I wanted it to be bigger. I had been staring at this gargantuan box for weeks. Then, an email came in asking for help on a presentation. I jumped on a call and was immediately confused that it needed to scroll. “So, what is it that you need, exactly?” I had power point in my […]


First International Skull Appreciation Day Invitational Exhibition


A few months ago I was asked to participate in the First International Skull Appreciation Day Invitational Exhibition. I was flattered to be asked and very excited. After an extended period of careful thought and research, I finally settled on a concept, the duality of man. Yes, it is a line from Stanley Kubrick’s, A […]



Over the course of the years, opinions change and evolve, interests and inspiration ebbs and flows. As focuses shift and life takes on it’s many twists and turns, I find myself in an awkward place. In my younger days, my creative outlets had purpose. They came from a clearly identified source. After three college degrees […]