43 Days: Preface

So many things on my to-do list. This one is not on the priority list. Needed, nonetheless. So here goes. Starting February 1, I’ll break down Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, as it relates to me. What does it mean to me? “Why?” Why the fuck not? Consider it therapy. The Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, was written in 2010. The “Manifesto Project brings together under one roof the personal

Concrete? A Visual Arts Primer

I’ve had concrete on my radar for a while now. I came across a tutorial online for creating concrete letters​ that I was considering for a Design Making workshop. But not really knowing how much of a mess it would really be, I held off. So when Bonnie set this one up, I jumped on it. Messy? Yes, but not unmanageable. Am I still considering a DM type workshop? Hell YES.

Paris & The Maker Landscape

After attending a conference in Amsterdam, Bonnie Sampson, Ryan Dawson and I ventured south to Paris to explore the maker movement. Currently, Paris has a stronger presence than any other European city. The maker movement in Paris is new. The first ‘official’ Maker Faire, took place in June of 2014 after a test run in October of the previous year. It was modeled after events taking place in the US as early

Time is the fire in which we burn.

Ok, so this is embarrassing. I haven’t done this in quite some time. Typehike.com. If you have’t checked it out yet, please do so. You’ll be happy you did. Go ahead. Go. Seriously. I’ll wait. (Use the back button 😉 Ok. Pretty cool, eh? I’ve been reworking a project from a hackathon and it occurred to me, I should work on a type poster everyday. Yeah, roll your eyes. Another one

Move Over Desktop

Despite the growth of the mobile environment, we continued on our safe and steady path of desktop web design. We admit, at times, mobile was an afterthought. In the last year we made the decision that all of our web sites would be responsive and we built that into our process. But in the last few months, we have found ourselves working more exclusively on mobile. We can thank one